Education Through Endowment

Educational philanthropy can make a long lasting difference on any institutional organization. A high school was recently given over ten thousand dollars to help fund a trip for thirty of their biology students to go to Florida. The purpose of the trip was to conduct research on the ocean life living within the Florida gulf coast. This trip changed the lives of thirty lucky high school students thanks to a large philanthropic donation from an investor who saw the importance of scientific research at the high school educational level. Millions of dollars each year are being philanthropically donated to college universities in order to provide large buildings, better class rooms, more educated faculty and a safer learning environment for students.

Education Matters

Jason Hope believes that without these sort of philanthropic donations to the educational system, students will not get the proper amount of accredited knowledge to move them ahead in life, thus causing the educational system to break apart at the seams. The amount of positivity which is found in each philanthropic donation toward educational universities at the college and high school level is of a great amount of importance. Often times, these philanthropic donations are overlooked by the students who attend the university simply because they do not understand where the money is coming from. If students better understood philanthropy as a subject of interest rather than a learning burden, perhaps more students will be willing to work harder to achieve their goals and one day give back to their educational university the same way the institution had once gave to them.

Many institutions have creative ideas which help push their educational system forward each year, however, deals must be made in order to gain the proper amount of capital to fund each institutional project. The way these philanthropic investments are made usually determine when the project will begin to become established. The investments from these philanthropic donors are a specific amount of money, which must be paid back over a large period of time in order for the project to take place. If the institution is not able to meet the demands of the philanthropic donor, than the investment may either be lessened to a more reasonable amount of capital or the philanthropic donor can decide to invest elsewhere or simply donate the money without asking for any sort of favor in return.